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Volunteers are the heart of the QCCA. Over the past 35 years, volunteers from the five alliance clubs as well as many others throughout the community have kept conservation education alive and well thanks to their combined efforts. 

Each year volunteers donate thousands of hours to conservation by assisting with events at the QCCA's Expo Center and Wetlands Center and by helping out at other events through the individual clubs they belong to in the alliance. 

Although many volunteers for the QCCA are members of one or more of the five alliance clubs, membership in a club is not a requirement for volunteering. EVERYONE is welcome! 

Volunteering can be a great experience and many people return again and again to help out with their favorite events. Some people may prefer to spend time indoors helping with tasks like selling tickets or serving in the concession area while others are more apt to help out at the outdoor events like fishing clinics and tournaments. However you decide to help, it is always appreciated. 

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, contact us by phone or email using the information below and we will be happy to get you started. 
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