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Educating and promoting conservation for present and future generations is an important part of the QCCA's mission.  

Each year, the alliance helps support a variety of conservation and outdoor recreational activities designed to get people involved in the great outdoors. Examples of supported events include hunter safety programs, fishing clinics and fishing derbies. They also sponsor local high school bass fishing and trap shooting teams when they travel to competition events.

Often times, QCCA members find that kids are interested in outdoor recreational activities but they don't have the financial means to support the activities or their parents are not familiar with the sport and therefore they feel uncomfortable getting their kids involved. Members of the QCCA figure there is no better way than to get a kid involved than to let them experience things first hand. To help get these youth involved, the QCCA charters two field trips a year for kids who's names are drawn at random to participate. One group of older kids (and their chaperones) is taken to Chicago for a day of fishing on Lake Michigan and the other is taken to Dubuque, Iowa, for a trip to the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

At the QCCA Wetlands Center, several Eagle Scout projects, such as installing osprey nests and building a bird observation station, were also financed by the QCCA.

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