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QCCA Mission Statement:

The mission of the Quad City Conservation Alliance is to bring together organizations dedicated to the promotion of conservation and outdoor activities; to coordinate those activities, raise funds and conduct such business as necessary to provide for the activities which are supported by its members.

Who is the QCCA?

The QCCA is made up of five clubs that joined together in 1986 with a common goal of supporting conservation efforts within a 90-mile radius of the Quad Cities. 

Each club within the alliance maintains its individual status as an organization. They have their own membership, conduct their own meetings, and host individual events throughout the area the same way they did before the alliance was formed.

What makes us so unique? 

What makes the QCCA so unique is that although the individual clubs operate independently, the unified financial support they give to the community is much greater. 

So how does the QCCA raise so much money for conservation? 


Each year, hundreds of members from the five clubs donate their time to work at exhibition shows and special events at the QCCA Expo Center. During these events, volunteers from each of the clubs cover everything from selling tickets and serving food to scrubbing toilets and parking cars. Some events, such as Bald Eagle Days can attract more than 15,000 people in a matter of four days. Many attendees at these large-scale events never realize that the people working are volunteers supporting the QCCA's conservation efforts. 

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